Friday, January 5, 2007

Welcome To Fantasy IR

Welcome to the greatest timewaster since

Who are we? Just interested citizens. What's the point? Well, whether it's your comps or the job market, all of us are always trying to keep track of what's going on in International Relations. One way to do this, cause all kinds of trouble, and have some fun at the same time is to devise a game. That and some of us are obsessed with fantasy football. Thus, enter Fantasy IR League.

Rules post is below, feel free to consult that for further details. Two requests we make. First, if you are interested in playing, or curious about this, feel free to leave a comment. Like the IR Rumor Mill, we do moderate comments. Or email us at For now, we're building this. We're scheduling an IR Fantasy Draft for July, and the season will open with the 2007 American Political Science Association conference in Chicago, and run through the next August. You draft two tenured faculty and three untenured, and the only guidance there is you can't draft yourself.

We appreciate any comments, suggestions, queries you're willing to offer, and think this could actually be a hell of a lot of fun.

The IR Fantasy League Team

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