Friday, February 2, 2007

Playing the Game

The question has been coming up, so we'll go ahead and put up some data about playing.

1) Playing is as anonymous as you want it to be. The only demographic data that may be used publicly after the game is played is whether you're a grad student, faculty, and level therein. The game admin staff (at will know your "real identity." The only other rule is that if you have a particular academic on your team, that person is not you, given game rules.

2) Scores will be updated throughout the year on this blog. We'll have tables up, similar to on IR Rumor Mill. However, and this is a critical point, you are responsible for your team.

What does this mean?

It means that if one of your academics deserves points for something, you have to submit an email to reporting that your player scored X points (given the scoring, which is still as of 1 February in flux) due to Y happening, and you have to provide some form of proof. The admin unit (aka, the Commissioner's Office) will adjudicate, and award points to your team based on that. In other words, you need to keep up on the discipline.

3) We'll create a separate post thread for "cheat sheets" and who early round picks will be. Apologies for not keeping the comments coming as quickly as possible but things have been busy.

4) For the draft, you'll create a ranking sheet of your top academics. You'll need to give name, whether or not s/he is tenured, and institution. You'll submit this to the address at some point over the summer, and we'll use an algorithm to predict draft order. It'll snake, so if you have the first pick of the first round, you'll have the last pick of the second round. And so on. So start thinking about your draft order - and you might want to go relatively deep, depending on how many players we get in a league.

4) If you want to play, now is when we ask that you start emailing in to We have to have an email in from you expressing interest for us to have you play. All are welcome, and names will be kept in the strictest confidence - we have no incentive here to get you in trouble.

And as always, with questions, please feel free to leave comments, and the like.

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